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Travel and Re-Entry

Guidelines for Re-Entry to the United States for J-1 Students

If an exchange visitor wishes to travel to his or her country of citizenship or permanent residence, a valid passport or travel document should ensure entry.

Visas may be necessary for travel to a third country. Those wishing to visit third countries should contact the consulate or embassy of the country to be visited to determine what documents are necessary for reentry.

Be sure to meet with an Advisor if:

  1. You need a new visa. F and J visas may only be obtained outside the U.S. Due to security concerns, all non-immigrants (including F and J applicants) are required to have an in-person interview in order to apply for a visa. Further, additional forms may be required of some applicants. Do not finalize travel plans until you have met with an International Student advisor. Confirm if you are subject to the SEVIS fee with an International Student advisor.
  2. Your DS-2019 has or is about to expire or if any information on the form has changed (such as your major, source of funding, or degree level).
  3. Your passport has or is about to expire (passports must always be valid at least six months into the future).
  4. You are a citizen of a country for which the U.S. requires additional security clearance, including NSEERS.
  5. Normally, a continuing student is not subject to the SEVIS fee, but there are exceptions. If there is any confusion when you apply for a visa, refer the consulate officer to DOS Cable 187635 from August 2004.

Specifics for J-1 Students:

  • The travel signature on your Form DS-2019 is valid for a maximum of one year.
  • You may use your DS-2019 to enter the U.S. as long as you are a continuing, full-time student and all the information on it remains the same. If you are unable to maintain full-time matriculation, or if the information on your DS-2019 changes, contact an International Student advisor.
  • Upon entry to the U.S., an immigration officer will issue an I-94 card to you that will indicate the date of entry and grant you J-1 status for duration of status (J-1 D/S). If your I-94 card indicates anything other than J-1 D/S, contact an Academic Services advisor immediately upon return.
  • Arlotto Family Center for Global Engagement recommends that you make photocopies of your travel documents (DS-2019 and I-94 card) for safekeeping.

Necessary Documents for Re-Entry to the United States for J-1 Students:

  • The travel signature on your DS-2019
  • A valid passport (unless exempt from passport requirement)
  • A valid visa (unless exempt from the visa requirement or eligible for automatic revalidation of visa of 30 days or less to contiguous territory (see AM§ 4.10.2)
  • A valid Form DS-2019, signed for re-entry by the RO (Responsible Officer)
  • The Form I-94 which is issued upon entry will indicate the date of entry and grant you J-1 status for duration of status (J-1 D/S)
  • Proof of full-time enrollment at TCNJ in the form of a Certificate of Enrollment or a TCNJ official transcript from the Office of Records and Registration at Green Hall, Room 112

Please note:  It is recommended that you make copies of all the documents listed below for safe keeping. Also, we encourage you to carry these items whenever traveling within the U.S. outside of the immediate New York City area.

Visa Application using an Endorsed DS-2019:

If the exchange visitor’s visa in the passport is no longer valid, he or she must apply to a U.S. consulate or embassy outside the United States for a new visa (unless traveling only to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean for 30 days or less in order to reenter the United States).

For more information about traveling and re-entering the United States, please see Traveling to the United States.