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Travel to TCNJ

The Center for Global Engagement is here to help you get from your home country to our campus in Ewing, New Jersey.  We know this may be the first time you have left your home country or planned such a long journey, so you may have some questions that we can help answer. Please take a look at the links on this website, think about what you might need in your room in the student residence, and explore different travel options from your home city to Newark, New Jersey – New Jersey’s international gateway.  We are here to answer any questions you may have at

If you would like to book round-trip airline tickets, please look at the Academic Calendar to see when the semester ends. 

Ship Bedding, Towels, and Supplies Prior to Arrival to Roscoe West 202!

All rooms and apartments are furnished. However, they do NOT have sheets, duvets, pillows, towels, toilet paper and other accessories.  We encourage you to order your Twin XL bedding through an online retailer (Amazon, Wal Mart, Ikea, Target, etc.).  Once you order your supplies from your preferred retailer, please email so that we can keep an eye out for your items.

What to order: Twin XL size sheets and standard pillowcases.

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The College of New Jersey

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Flying to the United States

There are several international gateways in the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, including Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in Newark, New Jersey.

Depending on the flight information gathered in the arrival survey, The Center for Global Engagement will be able to pick students up from Newark Liberty International Airport or the Trenton Transit Center (railway station).

The College of New Jersey will not allow students into their residence halls any earlier then the arrival date.

Arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

The Center for Global Engagement STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that students use Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

  • This airport may be listed by your airline as “New York/Newark,” but you will be landing in Newark, New Jersey.
  • The least expensive way to travel to Mercer County is by NJ Transit train on the Northeast Corridor line to Trenton Transit Center.  During the day, trains run at least twice an hour and cost approximately $20.00.  If you choose this option, you will follow signs to the AirTrain station in your terminal, travel to the NJ Transit station (the last stop, after “P4,” sometimes referenced as the “RailLink”).  Purchase a ticket at one of the orange machines with a credit card and proceed to Track #5 for your train to Trenton.
  • As long as you arrive on the arrival day during the designated arrival times Center for Global Engagement will arrange to pick you up in Newark or Trenton to take you to campus.  Please share your travel plans with the CGE by filling out our TCNJ Arrival Request Form.

Arriving at Philadelphia International Airport, PA (RECOMMENDED-But no campus provided pick up service)

The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is an international airport within an hour of The College of New Jersey. However, unlike Newark Liberty International Airport, there is no shuttle service from the Philadelphia International Airport to New Jersey. Taxis and rental cars are expensive. The train is the only available public transportation. It takes two different trains to get to the Trenton Transit Center.

  • If you are arriving at Philadelphia International Airport, you will need to take a SEPTA train from the Philadelphia International Airport and transfer to the Trenton Line at 30th St. station in Philadelphia.
  • The second train will end at the Trenton Transit Center. From the airport to Trenton, the train will take approximately two hours and should cost around $15.00.
  • Please fill out the TCNJ Arrival Request Form to arrange for pickup from Trenton Transit Center.

Arriving at LaGuardia or JFK Airports, New York City (NOT recommended)

LaGuardia and JFK airports are very far away and not recommended. Transportation to TCNJ will take longer, is expensive, and requires 2-4 transfers between subways, trains and buses. CGE staff will not be available to arrange pick ups from this location. You are encouraged to fly into Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Entering the United States-Rules and Regulations

Please read these rules to ensure an uneventful entry and stay in the United States:

  • Students may not enter the US more than 30 days prior to the start date listed on their I-20 or DS-2019 Form.
  • Students should enter the United States for full-time study in either the F-1 or J-1 visa categories, not a B-2 tourist visa. You should not enter the US on a B-2 tourist visa, as it is likely that you will have to leave the US shortly after your arrival to obtain a J-1 or F-1 visa and return. Students who are accidentally listed as B-2 most often arrive through Canada. If you are traveling from Canada make sure of two things: tell a Customs and Border Patrol Officer you are an international student and confirm the stamp they put in your passport says J-1 or F-1.
  • At the port of entry in the US, a Customs and Boarder Patrol officer (CBP) will examine your I-20 or DS-2019, passport, and entry visa. He or she will stamp your passport. Please keep these important immigration documents in a secure place. In addition, you may go through a biometric screening where they will take your picture and require you to supply your fingerprints.
  • Students must attend the school whose I-20 or DS-2019 form was used to enter the US. For students entering the US for the first time this should also be the school that is listed on your visa.
    • If you enter the US on a Form I-20 issued by another college, but then attend TCNJ, you will need to go through a transfer process before you can begin classes.

 International Student Orientation

The International Student Orientation provides important information regarding your stay as a student, campus resources, and services in the community.  Attendance at the orientation is mandatory for all international students, including students transferring from other U.S. schools. The orientation will provide valuable information that will ease your transition to campus and help ensure your success.

  • J-1 and F-1 visa regulations
  • Learn how to use various computer systems
  • Buy your textbooks
  • Housing Rules and Regulations
  • Shopping for needed/forgotten items
  • Student Health and Wellness
  • Immunizations
  • Campus Tour
  • Using public transportation
  • Meet TCNJ students, staff, and faculty to answer all your questions!


  • Let us know when you are arriving at TCNJ by completing the TCNJ Arrival Request Form.  The information you provide in the form will help us better prepare for your arrival at TCNJ.
  • Students arriving before the official arrival date will need to make other accommodations  We recommend staying at the SpringHill Suites location in Ewing, about 3 miles from campus.  The hotel staff have a shuttle transfer to campus at no charge.