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International House

The goal of this housing option is to engage a community of domestic and international students in a variety of leadership and learning opportunities, including field trips, special events and house discussions that will help individuals learn more about other cultures as well as their own. Additionally, domestic students will pair up with international students to help them learn about the campus community and campus traditions, as part of our Cultural Partner program.

Participants will develop a greater understanding of American culture and history, including that of New Jersey, by participating in trips, discussions and other educational opportunities on campus and in the mid-Atlantic region. Students will learn cross-cultural communication skills, recognize their own cultural norms and values and take steps to bridge the communication gap that sometimes exist between different cultures. Students are expected to be engaged and active participants who willingly participate in and even create educational opportunities for the community. This includes attending community events, volunteering, field trips, house meetings, and developing programs and events for the greater campus community.  In addition, all students living in the I-House will register for a pass/fail course, IDS 110 syllabus.  Also, all I-House members will need to abide by I House Learning Contract as a condition for participating in the community.

This community is a collaboration between The Department of Residential Education & Housing, The Center for Global Engagement, and the Department of Modern Languages. This unique living opportunity will allow international and domestic students to live and learn together. Students will participate in and plan programs that provide cross-cultural experiences for TCNJ students.  Historically, both exchange and domestic students love being a part of the I-House.

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If you’re a domestic student and would like more information on how to apply to live in the I-House, please visit Housing and Residential Education